Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Weekend!

Highlights of our weekend....

Enjoyed the short lived, record breaking snow in May Friday morning! 

Hung out with this cutie while Bryn took her morning nap!

Met friends for a play date at a new indoor play place in Bentonville - Little Giggles!  Aunt Marguerite met us there too  - at 39 weeks pregnant!  
Bryn got to have her first date with Mason Fritts!
 Hollyn loved the grocery store!  She made me stand in there while she scanned groceries!

Both girls have had runny noses the past couple weeks - we figured it was just allergies, along with Bryn getting her top two teeth in.  We also knew Hollyn hadn't been sleeping well this week - but had no idea why!  After talking to my friends at our play date, they both suggested it could be an ear infection.  I called the pediatrician to see if we could get in that afternoon, b/c it was a Friday.  Called at 2:20, got in at 2:45 - so we picked up Chris from work and drove straight there.   Hollyn did have an infection in her right ear.  We got numbing drops and antibiotics.   We told her we were then kind of worried Bryn might have one too, so she went ahead and checked her out.  Double ear infection. :(  She said she would feel better if we saw an ENT, so she gave us a referral.  Not saying she's getting tubes, but just so they could look into it further, since she had such a bad one last month that took weeks to get rid of and a few rounds of antibiotics... actually 3 rounds, 2 different shots of Rocephin, then followed by another oral round of antibiotics.  I just made an appointment with our chiropractor to see if an adjustment and natural remedies will help, before the possibility of tubes.

Chris's grandma's sister, Bonnie was in town from Michigan, so we had a family dinner at Fire Island (Aunt Jennifer's restaurant in Tontitown).  Laura Jade & Joe were babysitting Grahm, so we got to hang out with this cute lil guy too!
 Hollyn & Grahm are 9 weeks apart - They had a blast dancing to the live music, then getting frozen yogurt together!

Saturday morning, it was a rainy & cold.  I slept in, then my parents stopped by.  We took them to Green Bean for lunch (for the 1st time), then went to Target.  We didn't have any plans for the rest of the afternoon, and figured it would be a good time for an impromptu trip to our cabin.  We called and invited my parents to meet us out there, drove home, packed some stuff in the truck and were gone in 20 minutes! 
 It's been a few weeks since we've been out there.  This time, Bryn is fully walking - so it seemed a lot easier!  Hollyn was holding her by the hand, showing her around.  "This is our bedroom.  That's Mommy & Daddy's bed, and this is our bed.  We have a 'wolf' above our bed!"
I told Chris the only thing I wanted to do was build a fire, and be able to finish reading my book!   

 I tried a new recipe for dinner while we were there - avocado chicken parmesan!   We cleaned, the boys played around outside, checked on things, and we left around dark!
 The girls were exhausted when we got home!
Hollyn was invited to 2 birthday parties at the exactly same time today!   Grahm's was a super hero dress up party - so here's the girls with their super hero masks on!  I made SUPER H and SUPER B iron-on "kites" - as H called them for their shirts with my Silhouette ! 

We had lunch at Jimmy Johns, then went to Breelyn's party first.  It was at their neighborhood pool house.  It was suppose to be a pool party, but since the change of weather, they got a bouncy house!  Here are Breelyn and Hollyn on the playground! 

 Next, we went to Grahm's house!  There were all kinds of activities outside!  Hollyn ran outside and immediately wanted to play tee ball!  She also loved painting on the paper on the fence!

Bryn got into my cupcake, and loved it!  She made a huge mess, but it was cute!  

Hollyn got behind Bryn swinging - and accidentally got hit in the nose! :(  Of course - since we have family pictures scheduled this week!

She was so tired on the way home, and was drooling everywhere! :)

We had a quiet rest of our night at home, picked up Shogun for dinner!

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