Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Ballet Recital

Friday night was Hollyn's Spring Ballet recital! 
Here she is with Bryn before going into the choir room!  
 She ran back to her chair and immediately started undressing to put on her costume!  She put her leotard on first, then her tights, but refused to take it off to fix it - so we just went with it!  She was rushing me to put the safety pins in place!
 I think she likes hanging out before the recital the most!  Here she is with her friend Olivia!
 and Paige! 

 Breelyn wanted to join in on some of these hugs! 

 But didn't want a picture with Mommy!

The tiny tots get to sit on Mommy's laps in the front row until their song! 

 Hollyn did TWO SPINS during "He knows my name!"  They were kind of delayed, but at least she did something! :)  She even played with her dress some!

 At the end, they did a slideshow with pictures of all the dancers, and I caught this on the big screen!

Photos afterwards with family!

Saying Bye to Great Granny & Granny!
We asked Hollyn where she wanted to go to dinner, and she said "I go to Target to get my own hair dryer!"  We promised her a prize if she danced  - I guess two spins count... so here we are at Target! :)


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