Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday dinner + Playing outside

Saturday night, we decided to celebrate Chris's birthday a little early!  We got the girls dressed up and thought we'd attempt taking them with us for dinner at a nice restaurant!  I took a few pictures before we left the house. 

And some from my iPhone - not too impressive since they're always on the move and being silly!

 I put Bryn's hair up in her first ponytail :)
At Ruth's Chris -  The girls weren't very excited to be there.  It was dark, the music was boring, they had to behave...  We loved our food though!! :)

They brought Chris out a nice dessert for his birthday, took a picture and printed it off for us! 
 It was still early and the wind had slowed down when we got home, so we let the girls play outside for a while.  Travis and Marguerite stopped by to play after they went to dinner too!

Silly Uncle Travis!

We were telling Hollyn "don't do it" and she did it.

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