Friday, April 5, 2013

I want a cat

I sent this video to Chris earlier this morning.  His response - "Oh boy!"   {We had actually talked about getting a pet last night and he said he wasn't interested in picking up dog poop from the yard or changing a kitty litter box!}
He was planning on coming home around noon and was bringing us lunch from Chickfila before playing a round of golf with friends.  He came in and set everything on the table, then ran to change clothes.  The girls and I came downstairs from in the playroom and I asked Hollyn if she was ready for lunch b/c Daddy brought us chickfila.  She immediately started crying and saying "but I wanted a cat!!!!"  Luckily, her amazing daddy had stopped by Walmart & brought her this tiny black kitty that meows when you pet it's back!  Her tears immediately stopped!   Here's a quick picture before he had to run out the door (while chewing a nugget).

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