Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter...

Not the Easter I had imagined.  No beautiful family pictures after church.  No hanging out with family. No big easter egg hunt.  No enjoying the awesome weather.  No eating Mom's Easter dinner. 

Here's how it began.  Friday afternoon, I put Bryn down for her afternoon nap like usual.  Chris got home a little before 5, and we started getting ready for Cupcakes and Cocktails.  Bryn continued to sleep, then around 5:30, we needed to leave to take the girls to my parents.  I had Chris go up and get Bryn from her bed, and she had a dirty diaper.   The smelliest, yuckiest dirty diaper that she's ever had.  It leaked all over her outfit and crib.  We got her cleaned all up, but it stunk up the entire house!  Strange... but we loaded up the car and took the girls to my parents for the night.  I get a text from my mom around 8:30 saying she did it again.   My mom said sometimes that it smells that bad when they have a stomach bug (possibly the start to all of this).  We ignored it, because they were both acting fine.
Chris & I had a great time at Cupcakes and Cocktails, got home around midnight.  We got up early Saturday morning and had breakfast (for the first time) at Common Grounds.  We met my mom at 10 in Springdale to pick up the girls.  We went home and let Bryn nap.  Hollyn & I immediately went upstairs for a real tea party!

We got the girls dressed b/c we were going to the Shadow Valley egg hunt that afternoon.  I took a few pictures of Bryn looking adorable in her Burberry dress and shoes!

 At SV:
Since it had rained that morning, they moved the hunt into the childcare center. Ages 0-2 were in one room, and 3-4 were in the gym area, so we just had Hollyn hunt with Bryn so they could be together.  

We then went to lunch at Table Mesa.  Hollyn fell asleep in the car, and we considered going somewhere else or ordering it to go, but decided to just wake her up and go for it.  She woke up in a good mood and was happy she was going to eat "chips and dip."  The food was amazing as usual, and the girls were really good!  We walked down to the toy store on the square, and Hollyn picked out a Ty Fox stuffed animal that she couldn't live without.   We gave in and let her get him, and got Bryn a baby one!  I grabbed my camera from the car to take some pictures of the girls by the fountain.  Hollyn was in the best mood and started posing for me with "boxy."

March 2012/March 2013
We got in the car, and were half a mile down the road when Hollyn starts saying "I need water!!" I give her a drink from my water bottle, then turn around and see that she's throwing up!  I screamed for Chris to pull over.  We got her cleaned up and went straight home.   We put her in the bathtub and put clean clothes on her.  Her face was white and we couldn't put her down.  She then continued to throw up at least every 30 minutes for the next 12 hours! 

Bryn loves the chair that we got for her at the Silent Auction! 

Bryn acted fine & we put her down for bed around 8:00.  I went to the store to get groceries, then put together the girls' Easter baskets & stuffed the eggs!  It was around 11 when we tried to go to bed.  We brought Hollyn's fold out Pottery Barn Couch in our bedroom, and let her sleep there in case she got sick again.  She continued to throw up, so we never got to fall asleep.  I turned up my monitor to check on Bryn again around midnight.  I had a bad feeling, and went to her room.  It looked like she had gotten sick 5 or 6 times and was completely covered in it, but slept right through it.   I had to give her a bath right then.  I brought her to our bed and put down some waterproof pads and towels.  We tried everything we could to get some sleep.  Chris took Hollyn and her fold out couch to the living room, and Bryn and I stayed in bed.  She cried and cried because she was thirsty.  She drank an entire bottle, then threw it up all over me... twice.   We put Bryn to sleep in the living room floor on a pad, and Chris let me sleep in our bed for a few hours.  He started having stomach cramps and ended up being extremely sick all day Sunday.  I got up at 7:30, and let him sleep for a few hours.  Hollyn seemed to be getting better, but napped on and off all day.  Bryn had diarrhea on and off, but was in a great mood.  

While Chris was napping, there was a wasp (tracker jacker) in the house!  I had to be brave and save the girls from it.

The Easter Bunny came by and dropped off the girls' baskets:

 Hollyn wanted a bath and put on her Easter dress.  She had to try out her paints!

Hollyn was so excited all week about this carrot cake that she talked me into buying at Sams!  I felt horrible that we couldn't go to my parents and have it for dessert.  It expires on Tuesday, and I was feeling fine, so I decided to have a piece, and it was delicious!
 A little later, I gave Hollyn a piece.  She was so excited about trying it, then took one lick of frosting and was done!

 Here's what our day mostly looked like:

Consisted of lots of laundry, lots of naps, hand washing, comforting the girls, changing diapers, etc.

Around 6:30, I put Bryn's Easter dress on her and took some pictures of the girls out in the yard.   I spread out the eggs that I had stuffed Saturday night, and let Hollyn hunt them.  

Chris was running a 102 + temperature Sunday night and was feeling horrible.  I have never seen him this sick in the 10 years we have been together! :(  He slept on the couch, and Hollyn slept with me.  We tried to watch her new movie Hop, but she fell right asleep! 
I woke up at 4:00 with bad stomach cramps.  I felt like I was getting ready to get sick, so I took out my retainers and put up my hair, but nothing ever happened!  Bryn slept all night, but got sick at some point, but didn't wake up.   

Bryn has ran a 100 degree temperature most of the day with diarrhea.   Chris didn't go to work, and is continually getting better. Hollyn was so thirsty, so she drank a bunch of water and gatorade and ended up getting sick 4-5 times. She spent the morning on the couch, has got her appetite back, has been majorly bossy and complaining that her throat and teeth hurt.   

Uncle Jon saved the day & brought us pedialyte, bananas, pediapops, and chicken broth this morning!

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