Monday, April 29, 2013


My parents' rabbit had baby bunnies the week after Easter! Here we are at the barn meeting them for the first time:

Sadly, their Mommy (Roger) died.  My parents had to put them in a box, and bring them inside and start bottle feeding them!!!  Here they are April 19th.

And I got to feed all 6 of them!  Their eyes were starting to open! 
Last Sunday:

Sadly, one of the black ones died... then another black one, and the light tan one.   Each week they get bigger and bigger!  This Sunday, we got to play with the remaining 3 outside! They were eating grass and loved being in the sun!  Hollyn LOVED them!!!

Hollyn got in the cage with them, and sat in there for hours!  They were jumping all over her, and she got to feed them with the bottle (but wasn't very patient, and wouldnt hold it up where the milk would come out).
 Bryn was very curious!
 Isn't this the sweetest thing?

The "orange" one is her favorite and she begged all afternoon to take it home!!!

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