Thursday, April 18, 2013

1st Dentist Visit

Hollyn had her first dentist appointment at the NWA Pediatric Dental Clinic!  We had been preparing her for weeks!  She acted very excited and just continued to say she wanted her Daddy to be there too! She started off great, and let the assistant brush her teeth.  She flipped out when she got the floss out though!   I didn't get any pictures after this, because I was comforting her!  We had to hold her down and force the x-ray bite wings in her mouth!  She ended up sitting on my lap, bent back so Dr. Fourmy could check out her mouth!  Her only concern was Hollyn's chipped front tooth.  It looked fine on the x-ray, but we might get it fixed after she gets a little more comfortable going to the dentist! 

She got her picture made and framed with her dentist!  We'll be going back in October and Bryn will be  going too! 

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