Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's Day 2013

Here's our family a year ago!  

Things have changed so much over the last two years!

I made green eggs for breakfast!  You should have seen the look on Hollyn's face when I put them in front of her! :)  

We let Hollyn take a "swim" in our bathtub!  

Bryn wanted in so badly, so I got in with her, and then Hollyn talked daddy into joining us!  Nothing like watching cartoons while taking a bath! :)
While Bryn took her nap, I set up my tripod to take our yearly St. Patrick's day picture for when she woke up!  Hollyn always insists that she takes a few pictures with my camera on the tripod (then throws a fit when I tell her Mommy's camera isn't a toy and she needs to be finished).

Self timer, here we go!

Poor Bryn!
 We then went to Target, then picked up lunch at Jimmy John's before going to my parents!
Here's Bryn napping in Pawpaw's lap!

It was a cold, wet day but of course the kids had to go outside and play!  I heard this cute little girl was out chasing rabbits in the yard!  Thanks for the picture Hayley!

{So proud of myself for blogging about our entire weekend!  See previous posts to read about our Friday & Saturday!}  Thanks for Keeping up with Us!