Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Saturday!

The weather couldn't have been any better on Saturday! We had the best day!  
Chris went and picked us up Chickfila for breakfast, then I promised he could leave to hit golf balls after Bryn went down for her 10 o'clock nap!  I then went upstairs and got on the elliptical, and Hollyn went back and forth from the play room to the workout room.  One time she came back with her "bunny hop" slippers on that my mom got her for Christmas!  She had me open the doors to the veranda so she could go out and look! 

After showering and getting ready, Bryn woke up from her nap, and we went to the Green Bean for lunch!  It's one of my favorite places, but I don't go very often because they're only open 11-2 for lunch, but they just started being open on Saturdays too!  We sat at a nice table outside in the sunshine! While we waited for our food, we told Hollyn that we got married right there at Chapel on the Creeks, and we took pictures right there on the bridge afterwards!  She couldn't wait to "get married" after lunch!  We hoped to go walk around, but a bride & groom and their bridal party walked out right when we finished eating.  Hollyn started crying and said "but I wanted to get married!!!"
Our sandwiches were amazing!  Chris didn't think he would like it, but he did! :)

We went to the edge of the bridge and took a picture!

June 3, 2006
Next we went to Cabela's so Hollyn could see the fish!  She's kind of obsessed with Catfish! :)  {Her Uncle Jon holds her upside down by the legs and says he's catfishing her, so she always begs to "catfish!" We also ate catfish the night before at Flying Fish!} She was pointing at the fish and saying "look there's two catfish!!!" Here's the girls trying out the rockers that we got for the cabin!

When we got home, we didn't even go in the house for a few hours!  Straight to the cars for some driving in the driveway!!  The girls had so much fun!

Hollyn said "hmmm, which club should I use?"

Bryn loved this little tykes car and sat in it for a long time!
We also did lots of bubbles and sidewalk chalk!  I'll have to get those pictures from Chris!

I was suppose to take Travis & Marguerite's maternity pictures that afternoon at Crystal Bridges.  I had them pick me up, but we decided to do a few at our house and ended up not leaving!  Here's one of my props!  Chris had to try it out :)

I got some great pictures of them! 

Bryn asleep in Daddy's arms Saturday night!
We ended up just grabbing dinner from Marketplace express, and I edited pictures the rest of the night!
I loved our Saturday!

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