Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My little artist!

Hollyn has been asking to paint a lot lately!  She gets in her seat at the end of the table, and asks for paper, her water colors and a cup of water!  She will go for hours sometimes!

so serious!

 I have been really impressed with her abstract paintings lately!  

I gave her one of my nice thick paint brushes today, and it made her pictures so much better! :)

Bryn was in her hair chair eating her "snackies" (as hollyn calls them) watching big sister paint this afternoon!  I decided she need to paint too!  I had Chris take off her shirt and I got out the finger paints!  I put one color on each of her fingers and let her make this masterpiece!
Hollyn wanted to finger paint next, so she started this painting.  Chris, Bryn & I all joined in, so we made a family finger print collage!!!  I'll keep this forever!  
Chris also found an old camera in his desk at work and gave it to Hollyn to play with!  She loved taking pictures of EVERYTHING! 

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