Friday, March 1, 2013

Hollyn's day!

Friday, March 1st 2013!
Very cold, and snow flurried most of the day - just like the day she was born! 
Chris stayed home from work, so we could spoil the birthday girl all day!  Chris, Bryn & I surprised her in her bed, singing the birthday song, wearing birthday hats when she woke up!  Daddy made her scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast, and then we let her open her gifts!  

Baba sent her a Sofia the first book! 
We then put Bryn down for her nap, and we played around the house for a couple hours!  She wanted to lay on the couch with mommy and pretend like we were sleeping!  I also put in her new Minnie Mouse earrings (from Baba) and painted her fingernails her new gold sparkles polish!

After sister woke up, we went to lunch at Chick-fil-a!

Then went to Glitterbox in Fayetteville to get her toenails painted!

She chose bright pink with sparkles!

She had to have Mommy sit right beside her!

 We then picked up her birthday cakes from Ricks!

And she took a little nap in the car on the way home!
She decided she needed to have a cupcake for an afternoon snack (with a candle and singing)!
 She chose these princess cupcakes for her actual birthday (from Sams Club)! 
Playing in the floor with her baby sister and her new Little Giraffe blanket that we got for her (since she's so tall now & her zebra print blanket won't cover her all the way up!)

Friday night, Pawpaw & Granny came over!  They got her her very first bike with training wheels! 

 She got on it right away, and tipped it over :(  It landed on her, and she got very upset and was very hesitant to get back on it. 

opening her knee and elbow pads!
Great Granny, Travis, Marguerite, Jon, Hayley & Hunter also came over!! Granny brought pizza from Guido's!  We had a pizza party and had cupcakes!!!  Here we are singing to the birthday girl again! 

We ended the night watching Hollyn dance and sing in the living room!  

Her big party is tomorrow at The Little Gym!!!