Friday, February 22, 2013

Florida Trip!

Baba stayed at our house a couple days before we all flew down to Florida on the 18th.  

Monday night - Allegiant flight out of XNA was delayed (not suprised). 

Hollyn insisted on throughly reading all the manuals before take off!
Yay, Bryn's first flight!
Neither of the girls slept on the flight.  Bryn got really restless, so we ended up putting her in the carseat in Hollyn's {paid} seat.  She loved it; we just hoped the flight attendant wouldn't notice! (and they didn't!)

Got to Orlando at 11:30, then waited forever to get our rental car, and the extra car seat that we rented for the week.  Were suppose to get a Maxima, but had a Mustang reserved for us - ended up getting a small chevy SUV for same price - got everything loaded, then found out we had a flat tire. Upgraded us to a 2013 Tahoe for same price!

So we got on the road around 12am, then almost 2 hour drive to Baba & Papa's house.

Papa was awesome and bought Hollyn a toddler bed!  He had it set up, and even had pink sheets on it for her, but she refused to sleep in it. :(  She ended up right in the middle of Chris & I.

Tuesday morning
We went to Hyland Park in Tampa so I could shop at Lululemon.  We ended up having lunch at a really nice cafe - Nature's Table.  Stopped in a couple more stores before going to the Tampa Aquarium! 
We loved the otters!

Watching the sharks

Bryn, Hollyn & I got baptized!  (I will write another blog post once we get the professional pictures back)

We then took Pastor and his wife out to dinner at Outback!

Wednesday morning at the Magic Kingdom!  Hollyn got so excited when we drove through the gates!!!

Yay!  Bryn's first time at DW!!  (Pic while buying our tickets)  

She couldn't take her eyes off the castle!
We walked directly to the castle when we got there & there was a performance of all the characters on stage!
 "Dream along with Mickey

We then rode the carousel! (Short line, and everyone got to ride)

Hollyn & I before riding Dumbo!  We got a buzzer, and played inside the circus tent (instead of standing in a line).  We didn't understand why our Dumbo wasn't going up and down like everyone else's, and found a control switch that we had to move by ourselves right before the ride stopped. 

Hollyn couldn't wait to get a new princess dress!  We always get her dress & accessories from Castle Couture (directly behind the castle to the left).  We aren't sure if she would enjoy Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique yet, so we do our own version and have her pictures taken here after she's dressed.   
We didn't think there would be a dress small enough to fit Bryn, but this Tinker bell dress was a 2/3T and short enough, so Bryn got one too! 

We then ate lunch at the Columbia Harbour House.  

The weather was perfect! 

with Baba & Papa

We got ice cream and watched the parade before leaving!

Hollyn sitting on Auntie Meg's lap on the curb
We rode the ferry back to the parking lot (Monorail to the park).

Both girls were exhausted!!

Shopping at the Mall of Millenia in Orlando

I got a little sunburnt...

Thursday - We visited Papa's office at USF, before going to Busch Gardens.

Hollyn loved seeing all of the animals!
The elephant put water in his trunk and sprayed it all over himself - Hollyn  continues to talk about this!

We road the carousel here too!  One of our favorites, because all get to ride!
 I always made these wax animals at the Madison Zoo when I was a kid!  I was excited to see a machine here!  Hollyn made a wax pink flamingo!

We ate lunch at the Garden Gate Buffet (Pizza)!
 Next we went to the Sesame Street Kids area!  This show was going on, and we sat down to watch!

There were many rides that Hollyn (and Bryn could ride)!

That night back at Baba & Papa's, Hollyn couldn't resist any longer, and had to try out their new pool!
We celebrated Hollyn's birthday! And friends came over!

I woke up feeling HORRIBLE on the day we flew home.  Chris was amazing, and took care of us girls ;)

I should have written this post before now (3/13).  I'm trying to document our trip, so I'll continue to go back and add details as I remember :)

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