Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waving and Clapping!

Yesterday, we went to the Men's Basketball game against Missouri!  Baba was in town, so she went with us! It was a sold out game, and the crowd was very rowdy and loud!   Hollyn often had her head on my shoulder with her hands covering her ears! :(
 We have been working with Bryn for a while on clapping.   We looked over during the game and she was doing it!!!

Sharing Mommy's scarf

Here she is clapping today:

She's been waving for a couple months now, but it was more of a full arm wave.  The last few days, it's been this sweet little open and closing of her fingers. 

Oh, and I can't forget playing peek-a-boo with her dress :)  While Hollyn's in dance, she likes to crawl over in front of all the mom's and flash play peek-a-boo with each of them!

Loving Bryn at 8 months!!!

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Tara said...

Bryn is SO adorable!!! You have such a gorgeous family :) Megs said you're making the trip down soon...have so much fun!