Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Mom is 50!

My mom's birthday was last Saturday (December 29th)!  It was the big 5-0, so we knew we had to plan   a big party for her!  She took off work the three days after Christmas and had mentioned she'd like to go our cabin at some point.  I reserved the cabin for her & my dad to stay at Saturday night by themselves and had told them Chris, Hollyn, Bryn & I would come out there Saturday morning to do a few things!  She didn't know that the rest of our family and her friends would be there too!  I told my dad to have her there at 12 sharp!  We had everyone come around 11 so we could decorate and get everything ready!   We got food from Whole Hog, and a cookie cake from Great American Cookies!  We had a fire going and watched some Lion King (Hollyn's choice) before they got there!  We had everyone park in the shop and put down the door, so they had no idea that anyone was there!  We text her and said we were having problems with the door, but Chris was working on it and to park outside for now!  They seemed to be really surprised when they walked in! 

My Aunt Diana, Grandma, and Uncle Jon (cutting the cheese!)


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