Friday, January 25, 2013

Big Girl Carseat

Bryn got a big girl car seat!!!

I love our Orbit Baby carrier/stroller system, but it was getting way too heavy to carry her in the carrier!  

I really wanted the Orbit Baby Toddler seat that would still be able to fit on the stroller, so Hollyn could still ride on the stroller board, but I wasn't willing to pay $380 for it!  I stopped by Baby Boutique Outlet in Bentonville to see if they had any in, and they said they had only gotten two Orbit Baby products in in the past two years.  I went ahead and looked at what they had and really liked the Britax Boulevard-70 they had in stock.  I didn't do any research, but had heard the Boulevard and Marathons were good.  I compared the two in the store, and liked the Boulevard much better.  The print (Caitlin) was okay, and I sent Chris some pictures & he approved.  It was priced at $200, and the guy said he would give me an additional 10% off, so it was only $180 (originally $320).  

After getting it home, I really, really love it!!!  Hollyn's Diono RadianRXT (Sunshine Kids) had amazing reviews & I thought it was the best, but I'm glad that we tried something different this time! It's so easy to adjust to the girls' height, has 3 angles to recline, is much lighter, easily goes rear-facing to front facing, and the latch system is really easy to use!  

Here's Hollyn trying it out!