Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visit with Santa

We had been planning to take the girls to visit with Santa at the Promenade, and hoped to get up there early in December.  With the girls being sick multiple times, staying a weekend at the cabin, Christmas parties, graduations, etc. it just didn't happen!  Chris got home from work early on Tuesday and I was like - let's go NOW!  We hurried to get the girls dressed.  I had matching outfits bought for them to wear, but of course Hollyn had other plans!  She wanted to wear her Christmas night gown (that we got for her Christmas dance recital) and her new red & purple shoes that we just got at Target.  We have learned to pick our battles with Hollyn - so she wore her night gown, and Bryn wore her "Santa loves me" outfit! 

Last year - Hollyn wasn't a big fan of Santa.  
And here she is in 2010 (9 months old at the Fayetteville square)

Bryn was sleeping in her carrier/stroller, so we got her out and put her in Santa's arms first.  I got a few shots with just Bryn, so Hollyn could warm up to the idea for a few minutes. 

 No smiles from either girl, but we were happy they both sat on his lap!  We didn't end up buying a package because my shots were okay.  

 We then took a few pictures right outside of the Santa area! 
 Chris thought she looked like a QB here!  
  Hollyn likes to be just like sister

 There were several attempts at getting a few good pictures...... Here's what we got:
Bryn not looking, and a total cheese face from Hollyn
 Hollyn pulling on Bryn's ear
 Bryn trying to get her back

 Trying to kiss/suck on my face
 and finally a perfect one!
Our 2nd annual tradition is to get Great American cookies after visiting with Santa!  Chris gets snickerdoodle cookies & Hollyn and I get M&M! 
  Bryn isn't old enough to eat cookies, and had to just hang out in her stroller.  She wasn't too upset though!
 Hollyn loves the huge ornaments at the mall, so we took a few pictures on our way back to the car!

 This girl loves to jump - notice her feet completely off the ground!

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