Friday, December 7, 2012

Sleeping Arrangements

27-28 weeks old.  
Our nights have been rough lately.  Our awesome through-the-night-sleeper since 3 weeks old is not the best sleeper any more.  Bryn is done being swaddled.  She's been breaking out in the middle of the night for a while now, but really starting to fight it when we put it on her at bedtime.  We started using a "sleep sack" instead.  It's like a light blanket that zips around her, so she's not pulling a blanket over her face.  The only thing is that her arms are free and they just go crazy when she's trying to fall asleep!  So, we just slipped some socks over her hands!  She always starts off in her bassinet in our bedroom.  Goes to sleep between 9-10, then has started waking up at all hours for her pacifier, then around 4:30 wants to eat.  I usually just slip her in bed beside me after that.   Here she is in our bed one morning when I woke up!  

We tried just about everything for a couple weeks to get her to sleep.   I got out all my books - Baby Wise, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, What to Expect the First Year, & Raising Your Child - by Dr. Oz.  to see if there was anything I had forgotten about.  I was never really able to get Bryn on a schedule like I did with Hollyn.  Bryn just goes with the flow - grabs a nap in her carrier if we are out running errands, taking Hollyn to Mother's Day Out or to dance.  If she got crabby at home, I'd put her in her swing and she'd fall asleep, or put her in her nap nanny.  Now, she's outgrown her swing - it does nothing for her.  And she's big enough to crawl out of her nap nanny. Instead, she likes Mommy to hold her for her afternoon nap.  I figure that any way I can get her to take a good long nap during the day is okay with me - and will make her a better sleeper at night.  I enjoy every second of it too!

On Monday, I decided Bryn was going to nap in her crib for the first time to get ready for possibly sleeping there that night!   She totally took a 1.5 hour nap, no problems!  It was nice - I got to help Hollyn do some painting and then we had lunch together before I put her down for her nap too around 12:30.  I was able to get an awesome workout on the elliptical in by myself before Bryn woke up at 1:00.  (It would have been nicer to have gotten my shower in too before she woke up - but we'll work on that)  I was pretty ecstatic that I had both of my girls napping at the same time, both in their own rooms though!
Chris went to Lowe's that morning to get plywood to put under her mattress for our Angelcare monitor to work for when she was sleeping in her crib.  That afternoon, it solidified our decision to start putting her in her crib, when I caught her pulling up in her bassinet!!!  We have all tile on the floors on our main level, so it could be dangerous if she fell out.

That night, we put her in the sleep sack with socks on her hands, fed her formula (in case it helped her sleep longer), set up every device possible to monitor her, and all kinds of white noise before putting her in her crib!
Angelcare Monitor, iBaby, and our home security cameras
fan for air circulation & sound, and sound machine for white noise
 I let her daddy take over halfway.

Watching him rock her before lying her down.
It started storming really bad Monday night.  She started crying around 2:30, so I went into her room and picked her up to see if I could rock her back asleep.  It was thundering and lightening so hard, I decided to just take her back downstairs and put her in bed with me!  

She has gradually gotten better every night this week!  I think she woke up Tuesday around 3:30, I went up and put her pacifier in her mouth and she went back to sleep.  She's been turning over to her side or tummy, and I think that is also helping her sleep better & longer!  

Checking on her one last time from my phone before going to sleep the last two nights:
sleeping on her side!

on her tummy

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