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November Recap

Every month, I try to remember to go back for a recap - but my available time on the computer these days is limited! So here is a little about our November that I may or may not have blogged about - and pictures from my iPhone. Sorry if this is completely random & doesn't make much sense  -  It will at least spark some memories for me of our November!

November 1st  - We sold Moxy Ox!  Chris & his dad finally were able to sign papers!  It also was Jeff's 55th birthday!  We took him out to eat at Outback to celebrate!

While Hollyn was at MDO, Bryn went with me to get a pedicure!  She sat on my lap and was a perfect angel!

We went shopping at Baby Boutique Outlet and got her Baltic Amber Necklace and a new playpen.

 It was a super nice day, so we took the girls out to play that afternoon.
 We went to First Friday on the Bentonville square and ate at Flying Fish.
 Our cabin was going to be finished soon, so we had a few big shopping trips to stock up!

 We had been going out to the cabin a couple times a week to check on everything - Here's Hollyn in the Master shower.

One of Hollyn's favorite things at the farm is to throw rocks in our pond.  Since we didn't get much rain this year, it's taking a while to fill up, but will be around 6 acres when it's full.

Driving out to my parents' on Sunday - beautiful fall leaves
We shot our guns at my parents' that Sunday to get them ready for modern gun season the next weekend.  Here's my nice grouping with my 243.
 Bryn played in the sun in her pack in play that afternoon.  Chris & I ran to an Open House that Portfolio had in Willow Bend Subdivision in Springdale!
Granny got to feed Bryn with a spoon for the first time!

Major closet clean out!
Breakfast Monday morning - she had quite the buffet!

Bryn plays so well in her exesaucer and sits in her high chair while I make breakfast.

Bryn grew out of her swing and swaddle blanket, so this is one of the days I was trying to sleep train her during the day.  Here she is in her bassinet - before she grew out of it a couple weeks later!

Drank out of a sippy cup for the first time!
Laura Jade & Cambry came over to play, before she had to go back to work!

Cabin all finished (November 9th) - We went and stayed the night for the first time!
Enjoying a fire on the patio with my parents.
Chris & I went hunting Saturday morning.  

Playing in the leaves!

November 10th - Started putting up the Christmas tree

Hollyn thought it was so funny to blow on sissy's tummy!
We finished decorating the next morning.
Chris ordered me a birthday cookie to eat at my parent's house that Sunday, and Mom made tacos for dinner!
November 12th - After over a year in our house, I decided to learn how to use the heated tile floors in our master bath!
I walked in the living room that morning to find Hollyn eating a cookie!  I forget she's tall enough to get things off the kitchen counter now!
Dressed and ready for her last day of dance this semester - big rehearsal on stage that Monday!

My 28th Birthday morning!!!  Chris stayed home from work - they showered me in gifts in bed!  We made breakfast at home, then went to Target.  I got a yummy mocha frap from Starbucks, we ate lunch at Shogun in Fayettteville, ordered dinner from Crabby's...

turned off all the lights and looked at the tree - great way to end my birthday!
Wednesday night - we celebrated at James at the Mill with friends!

3rd dance recital!  Hollyn stood on stage exactly on her spot & didn't do a single dance move!! :)
"Away in a Manger"
Had an accident at school - fell off the slide and scrapped her face.
 Bryn with her great grandpa Bob!
my awesome view on Saturday morning! :)
Shopping for our Sharing and Caring Kids
Nap time on Mommy!
Ryan Murphy 2012 - 80's themed!

Sunday  - picking up the girls from their overnight stay with Granny & Pawpaw - Bryn's 1st time!!!!

Bryn sat up on her own for the first time!
 We took the girls to their first Arkansas Men's Basketball game that Sunday afternoon!

Hollyn feeding Bryn!
That Monday night, Chris's Mom, Dad & Sister flew in from Florida for the week!  John came Tuesday morning!  We had a fun week, shopping eating - Celebrating Thanksgiving & Christmas!
Wednesday - we went to Crystal Bridges

Wednesday night, the guys took off for the cabin!  Us girls ate dinner at Mimi's cafe, did some shopping, then came home and (pre)prepared all the food for Thanksgiving.
photo courtesy of Hollyn during dinner at Mimi's
Thanksgiving!!!   Our families all went out to the cabin!

Friday - Finished Christmas shopping, then Arkansas vs. LSU game at 1:00
Hollyn went with us, Baba stayed home b/c she was sick, my parents watched Bryn

Saturday Nov 24th - Nick & Nora's Anniversary - We took them to Table Mesa to celebrate
Meghan got to play dress up with her little good luck charms!
Coldstone before their flight
Active little Bryn!
My tired little family
One of morning rituals - Hollyn likes for Bryn & I to get in her toddler bed in the mornings, and likes for me to read them books!

Jump, jump, jump!

Bryn turned 6 months old!  May 25th

 Walker's 2nd birthday party!

Bryn loves her early Christmas presents - that are her very own, not hand-me-downs

Hollyn loves to watch Brave + eat popcorn (What Hollyn did with Baba & Papa while we snuck out to see Breaking Dawn on nov 22)

Standing up to play with help from Mommy!
Found herself in the mirror
 6 month checkup!

Getting in the Christmas tree!
Hayley's first band concert

Sudden obsession with pink and white soccer balls
loves her some Gogurt!
Hollyn talked her Uncle Jon into going upstair and changing her into a princess dress!

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