Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Diva

This morning, we put on our Christmas outfits & went ahead and took our family Christmas pictures on self timer (like always - I'm getting pretty good).  I am pretty particular, and like to get a good photo of us on each holiday - which may take like 10 shots before I get it!   I thought we'd go ahead and try it today, so I don't upset the husband and children on such an important day! 

This morning, Hollyn got dressed first and requested her very own photo shoot.  First by the tree.  She was trying out all different kinds of modeling poses.  This is her new thing - one arm straight up in the air with a big smile!  

"What??? I'm a diva?  No Way!"
Her new pose again!

I told her it was hard to get a good picture with all the movement, so she just moved more! 
Next, she insisted on going to the front yard to take pictures - even though it was like 20 degrees!  
I asked her to stand by the green garland,

and next, she said she wanted to stand by this "green."

and this "green."

A few by the lights in the driveway...

Then back inside - She wanted sister to sit by her for next few.  
 Soooo tired.  No more pictures.

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