Monday, November 26, 2012

Our UnBlack Friday!

Friday morning, we stopped by a couple stores to do some last minute shopping for our Christmas celebration that night, then ate breakfast at Panera before getting ready for the Arkansas vs. LSU game! 
"Sharing" Mommy's drink at Panera
Baba was was sick, so she stayed home.  My mom had planned to watch the girls, but since we then had an extra ticket, Hollyn went with us to the game!  My mom and dad ended up coming to our house to watch Bryn.  Hollyn started off watching the game in the suite with Chris & I.  She was a little shy at first, but warmed up very fast!  She was wading by herself through the people to get snacks by herself and laying down on the stairs! Chris's sister, dad and brother were sitting in our indoor club seats on the east side.  At half-time, Hollyn & I traded seats with John and let him come sit with Chris!

Hollyn was excited to be sitting by Meghan & Papa in the 2nd half and was calling the hogs and clapping with everyone!

She, of course talked Papa into getting her popcorn!

We left during the 4th quarter to beat some traffic and to get tired Hollyn home!  She wanted Papa & Meghan to swing her on the way to the car! 

We took pictures by the Christmas tree after we got home, then went to eat dinner at Red Robin.
B with Megs at RR
We exchanged our gifts with each other Friday night, since John's flight was early Saturday morning.
Bryn getting ready to open her first EVER Christmas presents!
Hollyn & her Lalaloopsy Uncle John got her!
Bryn actually loved opening presents and kind of knew what to do! 
Baby's first Christmas Ornament from Baba & Papa
 The girls got totally spoiled by Papa, Baba, John & Meghan!!!  Thank you guys!!!
Doing her makeup!

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