Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

On Sunday, we pre-took some pictures, just in case the girls didn't cooperate on Halloween (good thing!)  Here's our princess and the frog! 

On Halloween, Hollyn got to dressed up as Cinderella for MDO.
I didn't put her Tiana dress on her, in case it got dirty!
 After dropping Hollyn off, Bryn & I went home and played on the floor, and she CRAWLED for the first time!!!

Practicing sitting up
We then went to the Little Gym!  We don't always go, but thought it would be a great day, since she was doing a little more!

 After picking Hollyn up, we stopped by Portfolio and got to see Daisy & Lauren!

Wednesday night, I tried on my Cinderella dress (from Halloween a couple years ago) and Hollyn wanted Mommy to wear "blue" just like her! (and not wear her Tiana dress!)  When Chris got home, we took a few pictures, then took the golf cart to a few of the neighbors' houses for Hollyn to trick-or-treat!

Trick or Treating at the Campbell's!

Hollyn got to see Ginger's bunnies!
We got home before dark to hand out candy.
Travis & Marguerite came over.  Travis wore my grandpa's old Gorilla suit and scared us all!  He helped me hand out candy - and it was funny seeing all the scared little kids! 

Later, Jeff, Courtney & Justin came over.  Here's Grandpa Jeff on the Eve of his 55th birthday!

Aunt C with the girls.
Princess & the baby frog :)

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