Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

I posted pictures of our diva, Hollyn from our lil family photo shoot on December 22nd, but never got around to post any of our entire family and our Christmas!  I am just now realizing how glad I am that I took these early!  My throat had just started hurting that morning.  By Christmas afternoon, it was full blown strep.  I made it through our morning activities, but then spend the rest of the day, and week in bed!  After 5 weeks, I am just now feeling better - time to catch up on blogging!

Here's the fam - Bryn's first Christmas!

 Christmas Eve  -  Breakfast at Chickfila, visited Chris's grandparents, made cookies for Santa, went to my grandma's house

Cookies and milk :) 

Going to bed Christmas Eve night
Christmas morning:

Hollyn coming out of her bedroom
Bryn's first Christmas
Christmas morning Breakfast - cinnamon rolls & eggs!

my Christmas gifts from Chris & the girls

Skyping with Chris' family 

Bryn also turned 7 months old on Christmas day!!