Friday, November 30, 2012

6 month checkup

Bryn had her 6 month checkup yesterday! 
Hollyn was at Mother's Day Out, so we picked up Chris from work on our way and just the 3 of us went! 

  • 15 pounds, 9 ounces (40th percentile)
  • 26 1/4 inches (60th percentile)
  • 50th percentile head circumference

 We saw the nurse practitioner this time. She was amazed that Bryn was already crawling & drinking from a sippy cup! We mentioned B's increased fussiness & spitting up. We came to the conclusion that we may be feeding her too much! We have been giving her oatmeal twice a day, and one tub of food. Some (most) of the time B screams and hits her tray with her hand when it's all gone and makes us feed her another tub!! She still also nurses every 3 hours like normal! She suggested oatmeal only once a day & only 2 tubs of fruit/veggies and possibly juice after she eats. Bryn is not going to be happy! My girl likes to eat!
We were asked if we wanted to give her the flu shot at that appointment. I was very unsure, since she was also getting her 6 month shots. The nurse recommended going ahead since it was already so late in the season & it would take a couple weeks to build immunity. We finally decided to give half her normal shots along with the first round of flu shot, then when we come back in a month for the 2nd half, we'll get the rest. Chris & I also got the nasal mist for the flu. I was dreading it, but really didn't even notice it!