Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm officially getting old.  

We started my birthday celebration on Sunday.  Chris got me a cookie cake to bring to my parents house!  My mom made tacos per my request for dinner! 
Chris took off work all day Tuesday.  He let me sleep in, then let me open my presents in bed with the girls! They got me the most amazing lens for my camera!  Hollyn said "Mommy, let her hold it, she likes it!" 

We ate lunch at Shogun in Fayetteville! Then went shopping at Mason's.

After ordering dinner from Crabby's, and eating at home, we got out my beautiful cake from Rick's! 

I wanted a good picture of us, so we set up my camera with self timer!

Later, we turned out all the lights and looked at the lights on the tree!

Wednesday night, my parents watched the girls, so we could go out for my birthday with friends!  We went to James at the Mill!
Monica wanted bread - and she got some! :)
Spencer & Kim - 2 weeks from getting married!
with my beautiful birthday dessert!

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