Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Painting!

Tonight, we had Travis & Marguerite over to eat dinner with us!  I made homemade lasagna & salad.  After dinner, we painted pumpkins!  We had asked Hollyn earlier in the week if she wanted to paint pumpkins! She got very excited, and kept asking!  She never forgets anything!   My parents grew all kinds of pumpkins in their garden this year and gave us all some to take home.  The white ones were perfect for painting!

Bryn watched from her swing at first.

Hollyn started with just pink paint.  We figured she would paint the entire thing pink, since it's her favorite color.  She eventually used other colors all over it, so it ended up being mostly brown! ;)

Bryn helped Mommy do some paintings!  I put her footprint on a orange pumpkin!

My D & L ran into each other, so it looked like "Chanders!" haha

Hollyn's beautiful pumpkin!
Laughing at Uncle Travis