Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hair & Ears!

We had a big day today!  Hollyn got her hair cut & Bryn got her ears pierced!  I must have been in the mood for change.  I had been wanting to get Hollyn's haircut for a while, and had a free day with no plans, so I decided to just do it!   It had only been cut one other time, when she was around a year old, so this was a big deal!  I asked her that morning if she wanted to go to Pigtails & Crewcuts to get it cut in a firetruck.  She said she did, but then asked me again at least 50 times when she was going to sit in the firetruck!!!

Here it is a few days before, brushed straight

Before we left to get her haircut, we took before pictures outside.  It was getting very stringy!

 Chris met us in Fayetteville at Pigtails & Crewcuts, on the way to his own haircut appointment!

 She got a sucker at the end for being so good & sitting so still!

It looks so much better!!!  All evened up, and looks thicker!

Bryn got her ears pierced!!
Hollyn got her ears pierced at the end of her 4th month (July 31st).  Bryn got her 4 month shots last Friday, so we were cleared to get them done!
Here we are at Claire's in the Promenade mall.   I decided to hold her while getting them pierced, since Hollyn sat on Chris's lap.

The girl cleaned her ears, marked them, then I held her head as she pierced them one at a time.  Bryn sat really still and only cried for a few minutes.  She was in her carrier and finished crying by the time we paid and left the store!

Pretty little pierced ear!

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