Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Bike Ride

After dinner, we decided to go on a walk! We didn't realize it was so chilly until we got outside, and had to run back in for our jackets!  Instead of using the double stroller, we put Bryn in her regular stroller and let Hollyn ride her tricycle.  I figured Chris would just push her with the handles in the back.  I forget that she can petal a tricycle by herself!  She took off in the driveway!  Everytime Chris would try to push her, she'd scream "Let go!!"  We didnt stay out long, but Hollyn loved her first real bike ride around the neighborhood!

Bryn had fun too!  She smiled and kicked her blanket around!
Let go Daddy!!!

Going super fast back in the driveway!

I see many more bike rides in our future! 

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