Monday, October 22, 2012

Corn Maze 2012

This Sunday, my family met at the Ozark Corn Maze on 112 in Cave Springs.  
Bryn, Hunter, Hollyn & Hayley
We walked through the family maze. 
aerial view

Uncle Jon insisted on pushing Bryn!
Hollyn of course had to stay with her BFF Hayley!
Uncle Travis thought it would be funny to run ahead and hide in the corn to scare Hollyn.  He got her good!

I guess Bryn loved how bumpy it was and fell asleep!

After we finally made it out of the corn maze, we tried to get Hollyn to ride a pony!  She said no way, so then we went to the petting zoo.
Granny smiling with a goat.
The animals were so friendly!

Typical Guys...

We then stopped by the concessions for a snack while Hayley & Hunter did the corn cannon.  
We saw our friends Kim & Spencer & their kids there too!
They were giving helicopter rides there too.  Hollyn loved seeing it take off and land.  She keeps talking about how "Travis scared me" & that she saw a helicopter!

We then went to my parents' house afterward for dinner!  Hollyn wasn't acting right the entire time and wouldn't eat dinner.  We thought it was just because she only got a short nap.  On our way home, we found out why....

We stopped at McDonalds (b/c I had a monopoly piece for free fries). As soon as we pulled out, I turned around to offer Hollyn one and saw she was throwing up in the car.  I yelled for Chris to pull over!  It was the first time my baby had ever thrown up! :(    She got sick one more time after we got home and was running a fever.   
She preferred to lay on Mommy. 
She slept all night and we never heard her in the monitor, but Monday morning, I found that she had thrown up all over her bed. :(
She continued to feel puny all day and told me her head hurt.  Was still running a fever, but never got 'sick' again.

She didn't sleep at all Tuesday night, and threw up again when her fever spiked again.  This time it was 102.4.   In the morning, she was telling me that her "neck" hurt.  I figured it was time to make her a doctor's appointment.   Our pediatrician said her throat looked red and had her swabbed for strep!  And it was positive!  I had to keep her home from MDO on Wednesday.  The antibiotics started working right away and she was feeling better!

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