Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Visit

Baba, Papa & Meghan flew into town Friday night!  Their plane got delayed from Orlando by an hour, so they got here around 7:30!  It was Aunt Meghan's first time to meet Bryn!!
Sept 21
We ordered pizza from Bariola's for dinner after Chris & Hollyn picked them up from the airport!  

Saturday morning, we went to Dilly & Dally's and The Baby's Room.  Baba & Papa bought Bryn a new Sophie the giraffe, since we weren't able to find Hollyn's old one.  As soon as Hollyn saw it, she attached to it (in addition to Minnie) and took it everywhere (even slept with it) this weekend!  She insisted on calling it "Doggie!" Luckily, Baba found the old one in Bryn's closet, so they each could have their own! 
We then went to lunch at Copeland's Saturday afternoon. 
Waiting for our table at Copelands.  Hollyn with Doggie & Alexa - her new ballerina doll
 While Hollyn was taking her nap, I got to sneak away and go meet Lauren's new baby, Daisy!!! 
Isnt' she beautiful?
Aunt Megs with tired Bryn
Saturday night, Chris & I went and watched the Razorback game (vs. Rutgers) while Baba, Papa, & Meghan stayed home with the girls! My parents came over to visit too!  

We enjoyed watching our athletic director (guy in the white shirt - two suites down) squirm every time there was a bad play!  
Obviously this was taken BEFORE we lost. :(
Sunday morning, we went & ate breakfast at Panera, then we went out to our property in Sulpher Springs.  

I hosted an open house Sunday afternoon.  Hollyn went down for a nap before I left.  She took a longer nap than usual, so they let her sleep instead of going to my parents' to visit. 

Sunday night, we went to Springdale and ate a great dinner at Marketplace!  
Hollyn playing checkers with Meghan in the lobby afterwards! 
We got home just in time to watch the Patriots/Ravens game!  The weather was great, so we watched it on the back porch!

Monday, we went to the Bentonville Square.  We had lunch at Flying Fish, walked through the Walmart Museum, then played by the fountain!

Hollyn walked around and around the side of the fountain while holding Papa's hand.  She also liked throwing in pennies & making wishes!

We went home to play for a while, then went to TCBY later in the afternoon for some froyo before they had to leave!  

Hollyn loved having all the attention!  Many trips upstairs to the playroom to "make eggs" and outside to swing & go down her slide!

We had a great weekend with them!  They are all coming back in November for Thanksgiving!  Uncle John is coming then too!!