Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hollyn @ 2 1/2

Hollyn turned 2 1/2 on September 1, 2012!
Sept 1st  @ Hudson's birthday party!
  • 26 lbs, 8 oz (15th %)
  • 35 1/2 inches (50th %) 
  • Officially pacifier free!!! 
  • Sleeping great in her big girl bed
  • Not currently interested in potty training, but we are working on it!  (She says "No, I wear my diaper!")
  • Can count to 20 and sing her ABC's
Common phrases Hollyn says: 
"I get my shoes, pants, shirt, bow on, and go bye-bye"

{All while shaking her head with a smile}

"I swim!"
"I see Haaayley & Hunta!"

"Where's Dad at?"  -  what I get questioned all day long

Hollyn, are you ready to go to bed?  "No, I wake up!"

Come here Hollyn, I want to take your picture because you look so cute!  "No!!! I'm not cute, I'm pretty!!!!"

"I'm too big!"  - Her excuse for just about everything!

"No Way!!!"

Great Manners - always says "please, thank you, you're welcome, bless you."

Knows that her cups need to go on coasters and cleans up her own spills!

*She just figured out how to turn off and on the lights!  She thinks it's her job to turn them on every time we walk into a room and likes to turn off the lights when I need them on! (29 months)

Our living room ottoman/living room most of the time  - Because she thinks she needs all kinds of toys out to play with!


Her newest thing is playing with her blocks!!!  "Play with me?"  She can name almost every picture on the blocks and a few letters!

She likes to take us upstairs - "to make eggs" in her Pottery barn kitchen,  to "color"  and do puzzles/paper dolls.

 Her preferred methods of getting around the house lately:
Good thing we have wide hallways and tile floor on our main level!    {Check out the outfit she has on. She went up to her room and put it on herself.  All pink - Juicy pants, Reef sandals and pink Gap tank top!}


She traded her pacifier for her obsession with Minnie Mouse!  "Pink Minnie" goes everywhere with her!

She doesn't prefer to share her old stuff with her sister, and tries to convince us that she can still use it!

She likes to watch her iPad while eating.

She is capable of having really good behavior. ;)

*She recently has been biting Bryn on the hand.  She will be sneaky... Bryn will be laying on the floor and she will hug her and start kissing her hand - she suddenly B will start screaming and Hollyn runs away with a mischievous look on her face.  Twice, we've found bite marks on Bryn's hand. :(  {Jealousy?}

Started back at dance for her 3rd semester!

And is back in Mother's Day Out!

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