Saturday, September 29, 2012


This morning, I took Hollyn to see her first movie at the theater, Cinderella!  It is suppose to be released from the Disney vault on October 2nd, but Walmart put on an event at the Pinnacle Malco with all proceeds going to Sharing & Caring of Benton County

 We got princess Hollyn all dressed up, then we took a quick picture in the garage before getting loaded up in Mommy's car!  (of course Minnie had to come too!)

While waiting in line outside, we saw our friend Whitley Westmoreland!

Then inside while waiting in line for popcorn (Hollyn's new favorite), she took a picture with Sleeping Beauty!

Hollyn's friend Landry Gibson also came over to say hello while we were waiting in line!

Hollyn loved the theater!  She tried to sit in her own chair, but wasn't heavy enough to sit without it folding up on her!! :)  Once the movie started, she sat in Mommy's lap!  (leaned back with her head on my shoulder) She loved eating tons of popcorn & drinking Sprite!  Such a memorable time for me!!!

We got goody bags after we left the movie!

The Razorback game started at 11, so when we got back home, Daddy had invited our family over to watch the game!  I took Hollyn in the front yard to take some pictures while still in her Cinderella dress!

And some with Hollyn's favorite person, Cousin Hayley!

***We downloaded Cinderella on Hollyn's iPad for her once it came out, and she watches a few times a day now!  

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