Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My little photographer!

Lately, Hollyn has been opening the camera app on my iPhone and says she's taking pictures. She usually just looks at things on the screen, but hardly ever presses the button to take the pictures!  

This morning, Bryn was sitting propped up on some pillows on the couch, and Hollyn says "I want to take sister's picture!" She grabbed my phone, opened up the camera by herself and had it pointed at Bryn.  It didn't realize until later that she really did take some pictures!!!   She even managed to get some of her own feet!!! 

Also, I just want to say good bye to our couch and loveseat!  It's been a good year and 8ish months!  Their new owner is picking them up this afternoon & our new I.O Metro sectional will be delivered tomorrow afternoon!!! 


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