Friday, August 10, 2012

Grape Festival 2012

Last night, Chris, Hollyn, Bryn & I went to the Tontitown Grape Festival.  We got there right at 4:30, so we could get in line for the spaghetti dinner.  It was extremely hot, but we were able to wait in the shade and only waited like 20 minutes!   Bryn stayed in her carrier attached to the stroller the entire time and never made a peep!  Look at this ornery look on her face!

Oil/Vinegar salad, fried chicken, A roll, spaghetti & sweet tea! Mmmm!
Next, we took Hollyn to the carnival to see if she would ride any of the rides.  We weren't too sure how she'd react, so we waited to buy tickets after we checked them all out.  She agreed to ride the car ride with Mommy first! 
We drove a motorcycle together first!  
Then she went down the slide with her Daddy! 
Then she wanted to ride the "Special Bus!" 
Then motorcycles with daddy!!!
It was so awesome seeing her ride the rides for the first time that I remember riding when I was a kid!!  So many memories!!!

She went down the slide again with her daddy, before we had to distract her with grape ice cream!  It has been my favorite thing about the grape festival the last few years!

We then made a walk through the arts & crafts & bought Hollyn a homemade dress and Bryn some headbands at one of the booths.  As we were walking to the car, Hollyn was saying how she wanted to go see Grannny!  Since we were already in Tontitown, we went to my parents house.  Hollyn immediately wanted to Granny to take her outside to sit on the porch.  I wasn't sure why until I looked out the window and saw her eating a popsicle!  Bryn stayed inside with Pawpaw!

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