Monday, July 9, 2012

It's a 2 year old thing...

I keep forgetting to document the funny things Hollyn is doing/saying right now!  She just turned 28 months on July 1st.  Here are a few things lately:

This morning, I got our mani/pedi kit out to cut Hollyn's fingernails.  I turned my head for 2 seconds to pay attention to Bryn - and when I look back over at Hollyn, she has the nail scissors out and is trying to cut her own hair!
I also did this as a child! I'll have to post a picture - I completely cut OFF my bangs! ;)

I'm eating chips. While at my parents house celebrating the 4th of July, it was getting late and we were packing up to go home.  Hollyn was in the kitchen sitting at the bar, and Chris says "all right Hollyn, lets go." and she gave him this look and says "I'M EATING CHIPS!!!"   {Like duh, dad, can't you see!!!}  We all burst into laughter! 

Hollyn cry at the mall. Saturday night, since it was raining, we went to the Fayetteville mall to do some shopping and eat dinner.  We were sitting by Marketplace at a picnic table in the food court.  Hollyn was facing the crowd and suddenly got scared and started crying and got into Chris's lap!   She then was crying for Mommy, and got into my lap and made me put my arm around her.  I had to finish feeding her dinner to her because she was so upset.  She didn't let us put her down and had her legs wrapped tightly around us the rest of the time at the mall.  We went to my sister's house afterwards, and Hollyn tells them "Hollyn cry at the mall."  We kept asking her to tell us about what happened.  We weren't sure if she saw a scary person or what - or if she even knows how to be scared at two years old.  There were some people that were dressed up, really gothic like and one had a big mickey mouse looking head thing on.  We asked Hollyn if that's what scared her.  So then she added "Hollyn cry at the mall.  Hollyn scared.  Hollyn scared of Mickey Mouse!"  All weekend, she told everyone what happened at the mall.  "Mickey Mouse scare Hollyn at the mall." 

Potty Training. For a while, we had the potty chair upstairs in her bathroom, and she wouldn't use it. We moved in downstairs into the living room - I think around her 2 year check up and asked to use it the very first time she saw it downstairs and actually went pee-pee a few times!!  She took a break for a while and is VERY interested again!  But now, she can take off her clothes and her diaper all by herself!!!   So now we find her naked very often!!!  

Last night, she was up in her room and is yelling to her Daddy "I POOPED!!"  I am downstairs feeding Bryn, so I just wait to see if he comes, and am watching her through the glass balcony.  I then see her come out of her room naked and she tells me that she pooped.  Bryn & I go upstairs to see that yes, she really did poop and had taken her diaper off and it's laying in her bedroom floor and she is trying to put a clean diaper on herself!!!  I am so glad that it wasn't a big mess this time - and I'm just waiting... just waiting for it to be a lot worse!  Maybe her daddy won't ignore her next time she says she pooped! :)

Yee Haw. Friday night, My parents wanted to take Hollyn to see the fireworks at Arvest Ball park, since she LOVED fireworks this year!  We met them at Shave the Planet and got a snocone before it was time for them to leave.  We got her loaded up with her stuff to stay the night afterwards.  My parents said that as soon as they pulled out of the parking lot, it was really quiet and all they hear coming from the back seat was "Yee Haw!!!"  I guess she was pretty excited to get away from Mom, Dad for the first time since Bryn was born! 

Bye-Bye.  See you later. Adios!   Is what she says when you leave! :)

Okay. Yeah. Head Shake.  Now when Hollyn tries to get you to do something, she'll ask, then look right at you and say Okay, Yeah, and shake her head at you!  Makes you give in every time! :) 

Loves the Escalators in Dillard's.  It's pretty hard to shop in Dillard's most of the time.  We usually have to promise her one time up and down before she will look around with us!
Loves her blankie & passy!  We can tell when she's tired because she'll go get her blankie & passy.  She always wants to keep them after her nap/in the morning for a little while until she fully wakes up.  Lately it's been her matching little giraffe pillow that she loves!  
Loves cousin Hayley! Hayley is Hollyn's absolute favorite person in the world!  Hollyn doesn't like for her to hold Bryn, so this is only way she can get close to B!

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