Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blue Hand

Chris's dad had neck surgery on Tuesday, July 3rd, so Hollyn was making him a 'Get Well Soon Papa' card to bring to him!  It was a special occasion, so I let her use markers (which I usually don't trust her with). I thought Chris was in the living room with her while she finished making the card pretty (and he obviously thought I was watching her)!  While I was kitchen getting food ready for our July 4th cookout, she ran up to me and said "Look Mommy, I color my hand!"

"This is how I did it!!  Cool, huh?"

I had to get a few pictures before explaining to her that we only color on PAPER! 
We washed and washed and it didn't come off!  So much for WASHABLE markers!  It did come of later after swimming in our pool for a while! 

{This is not the only thing she's colored on lately.... we've found crayon marks on the couches, my ottoman in my closet, the coffee table, the pottery in the middle of the table, & on her iPad screen!}

Maybe just in an ornery mood that morning!!  Here she is sitting on her daddy's shoulder while he was on the phone!

Then she grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen by herself and we found her eating them on the coffee table, while watching tv!!!

At least it was a good movie.. Crazy Stupid Love! :)

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