Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flower girl debut

Chris's sister, Courtney got married this past Saturday at Horton Farms in Decatur.  Hollyn was her flower girl!  We got there around 4:00, so Hollyn would have time to get ready and for pictures before the wedding at 7:00!  Here are some pictures that I took in Courtney's Bridal Suite before the wedding...
Filling her basket up with flower petals
Hollyn was so patient during hair & makeup!!
She thought Aunt Courtney was pretty special!  She couldn't stop watching her! 

Courtney with her bridesmaids!
 Bryn got to come in the Bridal suite too for a little while (and this made Hollyn jealous)!!!

Hollyn didn't cooperate during the rehearsal on Friday night, so I stayed back and walked Hollyn to the aisle for the wedding.  She needed a little nudge to walk down the aisle and only threw a few flowers before deciding she needed Mommy to carry her the rest of the way down!  (Hopefully the photographer got pictures of this, since I wasn't able to!) Both girls were really good during the ceremony, even though it was extremely hot! Hollyn had a blast at the reception and danced for like 3 straight hours (way past her bedtime)!

Hollyn will be a flower girl for the 2nd time on July 27th for my brother & Marguerite's wedding!!!

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Beautiful photos! AND PEOPLE!