Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Today, Hollyn, Bryn & I celebrated our most favorite person in the world... CHRIS (aka Daddy)!!!  He is such an amazing husband and dad, and we are so thankful that he is ours!!!  
Since we got in late last night (Chris's sister's wedding) and didn't get much sleep, we stayed in bed until around 9:00am.   We gave Chris our cards and Hollyn gave him her "World's Best Dad, Hands Down" picture that she made at Mother's Day Out! 
  Then, I made scrambled eggs with sausage and blueberry waffles for breakfast!
 While we were getting ready, Bryn's belly button cord fell off!!  (23 days old!)

We then went to Academy & let Chris do some shopping for Father's Day.  He got a basketball goal for the pool and some shells for guns!  We then had lunch at Jimmy John's in Springdale, then got shaved ice at Shave the Planet!  Chris's was free for father's day!  He got Eye of the Tiger, I got Zoo Pals, and Hollyn got her own Invisible Strawberry! 

We then went to my parent's house.  Chris hung out with the guys outside and shot their guns, and of course watched golf on TV.  Bryn took a long nap on my chest, then Hollyn joined in beside us on the couch!  She didn't get her usual 3 hour nap around 11:30, so at 4:00, she was really needing it! 

My mom made a huge dinner... BBQ chicken, fried squash, corn on the cob, cucumbers, potatoes, then homemade pie (all from their garden)!

After we got home, Chris went to the driving range to hit golf balls.  We Face-timed Chris's mom & dad in Florida, so that Hollyn & Bryn could say Happy Father's Day! Then finished watching the US Open!  

We hope you enjoyed your day Chris/Daddy!!!  We love you soooo much!!!

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