Monday, June 4, 2012

Bryn's birth story

Friday, May 25th Chris & I got up at 4:30am, got ready, finished packing our things and headed down to Willow Creek! At 5:30, we got checked into Pre-Op. I put on my lovely backless gown, got my IV put in my arm (after about six pokes), and they started my fluids. While waiting in the extremely uncomfortable hospital bed, our anesthesiologist and doctor came in to see me, until our main nurse came in at 7:30 and wheeled me to the operating room! 

 I got to see my family & give Chris & Hollyn one last kiss before they took me in.

Since I had a very traumatic emergency c-section with Hollyn, I was very nervous going into the OR again.  Once I got in there, I was unexpectantly at ease! My anesthesiologist, doctor and all the nurses were so great! Once I got my spinal put in and it was working (numb from the top of my stomach down), my catheter in and the screen was up (so I couldn't see anything), Chris was able to come in with his scrubs on and they began my cesarean.
 I could feel a lot of tugging and pressure and felt nauseous a couple times, but it was tolerable.  What seemed like forever - in less than a few minutes, at 7:44am, I hear the doctor say "She's got a lot of dark hair" followed by hearing my little baby cry!!!! Sweetest, and most relieving sound in the world - since Hollyn did not cry!  The nurses brought Bryn over to the warming table in the OR to get her cleaned up and I was able to watch!  Chris was on the side snapping pictures of her!  After they wrapped her up, he was able to bring her over to meet her Mommy for the first time!!!

After a few minutes, Chris took her to the nursery, while the doctor finished putting me back together.   The last time I told the anesthesologist that I was getting nauseous, the doctor says back to me - "that's because I just put back in your uterus!!!"  Wow, TMI!  At 8:10am, they wheeled me to recovery for 30 minutes.  The nurses were so great and took such good care of me!  Dr. Seale even came back and told me that Bryn weighed 7 lbs, 9 ounces!!!  

Here are some of the pictures that my family took while Bryn was in the nursery!  Katie recorded the entire thing for me, and even got her first bath!! :)
7 pounds, 9 ounces
Chris got to trim her umbilical cord!
Hollyn was happy to see her sister for the first time!

I was wheeled back to my room (#5) even before Bryn was finished in the nursery!  Chris met me there and got all our things moved into our room!  I was able to put in my contacts, put on my jewelry & bra, and even touch up my make up and visit with everyone!!!   I felt so great, not at all like I had just been in surgery!  When they brought Bryn to me for the first time,  I wanted her to nurse right away.   She latched right on and was such a good eater!! 
 I was amazed at her dark, dark kind of curly black/dark brown hair!  I was very excited to see that she had dark blue eyes!  Hollyn was born, always having brown eyes, so Bryn still has the chance of having Mommy's green/hazel eyes!!  Bryn's skin was beautiful and flawless! Her fingernail beds were so long and she was just so beautiful!

Hollyn was the first one to come in and meet her!
She thought Bryn was pretty neat and wanted to touch her all over! :)  
We then let everyone come in - My mom got to hold her first, then dad, then Jeff, my sister, my grandma, Marguerite & Travis, Hayley & Hunter, Courtney, Katie....  Then had some alone time for a while.  Then later that day, Joe & Monica came to see her, then Laura Jade, Ashley & Brittney, Brandy Pool & 3 of her boys, Lisa, Linda.... I think that's everyone.

After not too long, I was able to wiggle my toes and within a few hours, I had all the feeling back in my lower body!  I was finally able to eat something that night, and got so excited!  Best hospital hamburger I've ever had! :) Later that night, I talked my nurse into letting me take the compression stockings off my calves, and unhooking my iv fluids!! I was able to stand up without very much pain while they changed my bedding!  Bryn went to the nursery that night for her hearing test (& passed) around 10:30 and I was able to get a couple hours of sleep.  After that, she wanted to eat pretty much every hour, so I didn't sleep at all!  I got my catheter out the next morning, iv completely out of my arm and was released to walk around! 
My mom & dad came later in the morning and brought Hayley & Hollyn.  We tried to get our first family picture, but it was Hollyn's nap time and she didn't want to cooperate!  

"I'm the big sister"

Tresa, Jon & Hunter came to visit us too.  
Hayley actually getting to hold Bryn!  
We were all tired from not getting much sleep the night before, so we had my parents leave Hollyn there to nap with us.  I never managed to get any sleep, but it was nice for some down time with the lights low! Later that afternoon, Niki came to visit Bryn... Then Courtney & Justin, then Grandpa Jeff came.  Courtney & Justin came back and brought us dinner from Jason's Deli and cupcakes from Bliss!!!

I took a shower that night, and didn't know that I was suppose to take the gauze off my incision in the shower.  I called the nurse b/c it was getting all my clothes wet, and she ripped it off me!!! Probably one of the worst pains I had in the hospital!

The second night, we managed to get a little more sleep.  Dr. Bailey came and released me early Sunday morning, and Bryn went to the nursery to see Dr. Averitt and also got released.  She said she couldn't find a thing wrong with Bryn, absolutely no jaundice!  Great News!
We made a few laps that morning while waiting on my discharge papers to be ready.

 We got her undressed to put on her going home outfit!!

The nursery nurse came to our room & did another set of footprints for us.

Taking off the alarm on her belly button cord.

Getting her in her carseat. 

We left around 11:30 Sunday morning!

Home Sweet Home!!

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