Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stubborn Cervix - 37 weeks

Once again, my cervix is being very uncooperative - just like it was when I was pregnant with Hollyn!  I've been "checked" 3 times already and it hasn't begun to open or soften at all yet!  I guess it's kind of a good thing though, since I already have a scheduled C-Section.  Even after 26 hours of labor with Hollyn, it never fully opened!!!  I just will never get the chance to say I'm already dilated to _ and effaced _%!   Other than that, my tummy is measuring right on track.  My blood pressure is awesome - 110/70 the last 2 appointments.  I only gained back one of the 5 pounds that I lost 3 weeks ago.  I started having contractions on Saturday May 5th - the night of the super moon!  They were pretty consistent the next day - 3 minutes for like 45 minutes, but since then have been kind of sporadic.  I've felt really crampy and have had some strange pains lately, I think caused from her dropping more. One thing that surprises me is how well I am sleeping!!!  I did not sleep much at all with Hollyn, and even had to take Tylenol PM the last few weeks!  Not this time!  I think Bryn has her days and nights right on track, and I'm loving it!  Hopefully she keeps this schedule when she's born!  I'm also not having any major swelling, and I'm overall feeling pretty good.  Definitely {extremely} emotional the last couple weeks!!! It's a wonder my husband still likes me :)
37 weeks on Mother's Day!
Bryn is now past 37 weeks and is considered full term!  Only 9 more days until she is here!!!

I have my pre-op blood work next week, followed by my LAST OB appointment!  Then on Friday, it's time to have a baby!!!

I think I make a trip to Target, or a local boutique just about everyday to pick up "one last thing" that I need for Bryn!  I feel obsessed with being prepared!!! :) There's a project or two around the house that I insist on getting done every night before bed!!!  Our adjustable new sleep number bed is going to be awesome for healing from my c-section, and nursing little Bryn!  Check out my beside table Chris ordered for me!!  (Putting it together was one of our projects a couple nights ago!)  It will be just like in the hospital.  Hopefully my nurses are nice :)


The Sweetest Thing said...

Well your room is cute!! I will be praying for you!

Jen Hottinger said...

The nursery is amazing and you look beautiful! Good luck with the delivery!