Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

First thing this morning, I got three sweet cards from my family!  One from Chris, one from Hollyn and even one from Bryn!!! :)  I've never seen a card like this!  They also got me an awesome gift certificate for an "I Love You package" at Premiere Dermatology! Can't wait for 3 hours of pampering in a few weeks!  I love my little family! 
We went to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe... and I was able to eat a yummy BLT Avocado omelet & pancakes!
I wanted to get some pictures with my girls on Mother's Day, so I made Chris play photographer!  Hollyn wasn't being very cooperative, so we had to take pictures of stuff she wanted to do!  She wanted to get a towel and put our feet in the pool, but we managed to get a photo of us first!
We then went to the front yard to get her away from the pool.  She brought her bucket and insisted on picking our flowers, and we let her!!!
We went to Shave the Planet in Springdale for Snocones! My favorite!!! 

Here's my smart girl counting to 10 in the car on the way home, while watching Bambi :)  Six through Ten is her favorite!  

We had my entire family and Chris's dad over in the afternoon to hang out!  We swam, layed out, ate food, and the boys watched golf on the cabana tv!  We heated the pool, so it was 85 degrees and felt great! 

Hollyn swimming with the best granny in the entire world!!!

Along with Mother's Day, we celebrated my dad's 54th birthday, which is tomorrow, May 14th!  We made fajitas for dinner, and for dessert, my mom made my dad's favorite, Strawberry Shortcake!!
Later tonight, Hollyn took my hand and brought me to the cabinet where I keep our fetal heart monitor!  She wanted to play doctor and listen to her sissy!  Sooo sweet!!!
Checking out our babies!!! :)
Such an awesome day with my family!!!  Less than two weeks before we are a family of 4! 

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