Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Saturday

This morning, we woke up early, got Chickfila for breakfast, then picked up my parents & drove to the Wild Wilderness Safari in Gentry! 

Hollyn had a blast bouncing between my, Granny, & Pawpaw's laps (while Daddy drove) in the truck to see all the animals!

I got some great pictures of the animals with my new camera!
Granny & Pawpaw brought bread, so Hollyn was able to feed all the animals!  She loved feeding the baby goats!

"Look a Momma kangaroo with a baby in it's pouch!"

See the resemblance? :)

We then drove out to our new property in Sulphur Springs to check on the progress of our cabin & pond that are being built, since we were already halfway there.  

We stopped for lunch at McDonalds in Gentry, then went back to Granny & Pawpaws before Chanlyr's birthday party.

Hollyn helped Pawpaw pick strawberries and red raspberries instead of taking her nap when we got back.  Of course, 5 minutes before we were suppose to leave, she fell asleep!

Chanlyr had a cowboy party with ponies for the kids to ride!  Here's Grahm and Brittney!

Hollyn didn't get a long enough nap, so she was kind of cranky at first and refused to ride a pony!

Watching the other kids ride the ponies...

She eventually warmed up and was doing her ballerina moves in the garage!!!

And had a blast coloring with sidewalk chalk!

Jennifer was there, and is due around the same day as me, so we got a picture together!

Singing Happy Birthday to Chanlyr!

After the party, we stopped at Shave the Planet & got a shaved ice!!! Mmmm!

Then went home & swam in our pool!

Hollyn had so much fun!  She was shivering as the sun was going behind the house, but refused to get out!

After we got out of the pool, we sat back and relaxed in the pool chairs while Hollyn played! 

My awesome view!! :)
Hollyn was being hilarious!  She talked her Daddy into getting her car out.  She then needed her golf clubs and sunglasses!  Such a little country club girl! 

THEN, we got our real show when she started dancing!!!
Watch these videos  Notice her bow at the end!!!  
{Where does she learn this stuff?!?!}

She loves her Daddy so much!  I was able to capture this sweet little kiss she gave him!

Before we went in and ordered Marketplace Express for dinner, she had to have some golf lessons!

Such a great Saturday!!

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