Wednesday, May 2, 2012

36 weeks!

Had my 36 week OB appointment yesterday:
  • Got my finger pricked to test for anemia (ouch!)
  • I lost 3 pounds since my appointment less than 2 weeks ago!
  • Blood pressure was normal as always - 110/60
  • Bryn's heart rate was 145bpm
  • Cervix checked - My uterus is still long and closed.  My OB said she wouldn't check me again unless I was having contractions!  Great news since it's not my most favorite thing to have done!  She thinks Bryn's head is down, but not too far.  
  • Swabbed for Beta-Strep
I am feeling good right now!  There are times when Bryn kicks for hours, but I enjoy getting to see her move around!  My back hurts at times, but it goes away if I change positions.  Sitting/laying more on my left side helps so much!  I am sleeping well, which I DID NOT do with Hollyn!  This time I am sleeping with two throw pillows, one between my legs to help me sleep on my left side, and one wedged against my back!  I've been drinking a ton of water!  I haven't been overly hungry this past week - haven't eaten hardly any snacks or desserts.  Probably attributes to my 3 pounds lost - which my scale actually said 5 this morning!  I've also kept myself pretty busy getting the house organized and everything ready for Bryn.  Chris has been so much help lately.  I know he's tired from working all day, but he's been awesome at night helping me with all the heavy lifting that I can't do.  I'm finally not feeling overwhelmed at all.  This week I got my entire craft room organized, finished Bryn's laundry and continued organizing her room, we cleaned out Hollyn's playhouse last night, and took a lot of her toys upstairs to her playroom!  

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