Monday, April 16, 2012

Hand me downs

This weekend, we started going through all of the tubs of Hollyn's clothes that we had kept.  I put all the clothes in the tubs clean, after Hollyn grew out of them and the tubs had been kept inside the house with the lid on.  As we started looking through them, almost every outfit had disgusting yellow stains on them.   I was completely devastated.  I felt like I was so careful with all of Hollyn's clothes, and treated all the stains correctly, so they could be saved for the next baby.  Some of the most special clothes were ruined.... :(

I started researching online and found out that even if the the clothes were stain-free at the time of putting them into storage, there could still be enzymes on the clothing that turns them yellow.  I had no idea!  I also read many recommendations online for getting these stains out.   I went to Target & got Oxi Clean.  I just filled up the entire tub of clothes up with hot water, then dissolved a couple scoops of Oxi Clean, then added the clothes.  I let them soak overnight, then washed them in the washer with hot water this morning.

They came out looking brand new!!!!!  I feel so relieved now!  They all look bright white with no signs of any yellow stains!  

This "My Granny Rocks" onesie that my mom got Hollyn was one of the worst.  The entire top half was completely yellow.  Look how well it turned out!

I definitely recommend Oxi Clean, if you've never used it!