Monday, April 23, 2012

34 weeks

Here's my tummy from last Wednesday night.
I had Chris snap a picture of me, before we headed out the door to go to Mimi's Cafe for dinner!  Their pancakes always hit the spot! :)

I had my 34 week appointment on Thursday.  Everything was normal.  My 36 week appointment is in two weeks, when my doctor will check my cervix for the first time.  She said if I'm not dilated and not having contractions, she won't put me through that every week! 

I have started becoming very uncomfortable the last few days.  After my baby shower on Saturday, I felt the first "lightening pains." I had these with Hollyn when I did too much. It also feels like she's starting to drop.

Foods I've been craving lately:

I was in our exercise room today, not really sure why... I wasn't exercising, but thought I'd use the mirror for a picture!

Here's a picture from my iPregnancy app:

And some info about baby girl!