Monday, March 12, 2012

Hollyn is TWO

Our precious first born child turned two on March 1, 2012!!!
  • She's 24 pounds (10th percentile)
  • 34 inches (50th percentile)
  • 14.9 BMI (15th percentile)
  • 16 teeth  (only missing 2 year molars)
  • Is an awesome sleeper! She is so easy to put down for bed and naps and often is the one pulling us upstairs to get in her crib!  She still takes one nap, but the time and length varies.  
  • Her hair is getting SO long!  We are trying to grow out her bangs, so we are constantly putting in her bows to keep it out of her eyes! 
  • She loves dancing!!!  She has got some awesome new moves lately, and starts dancing every time she hears music playing
  • Just learned to jump!  Jumps all the time!!!
  • Is talking so much lately!   It's much easier now that she can communicate with us! 
  • Just started telling us that she loves us!!!  "I lu you Momma" ...melts my heart!  I've been waiting  two long years to hear those sweet words! 
  • Loves taking showers with Mommy, then putting on our make up together :) 

  • loves putting her legos together

  • Has become such a DIVA lately!  Loves wearing her sunglasses and posing!!
  • Is starting to get interested in potty training! We moved her potty chair to the living room, and she immediately wanted to start trying all the time!  We've had several successful attempts!
  • Isn't the best toy sharer, but we are working on it! 
  • Is still a pro on the iPhone and iPad, and is now pointing the remote at the tv and changing channels!
  • Has great manners! says "bless you" when we sneeze, and "thank you" when she is given something.
  • Loves to take care of her baby dolls.  She feeds them, undresses and dresses them, wraps them up in blankets and pushes them in their stroller or shopping cart
  • We are unsure about how she'll act towards her baby sister.  She definitely has a jealous side, but we think she'll be a great helper!
  • Loves to GO!  She takes my hand and tries to take me to the car to go "bye-bye!"  
  • Enjoys waving and saying Hi to strangers, and tries to look cute for them.
  • Will hold our hands now when we are out
  • Still attached to her passy and blankie
  • Loves to pick out her clothes and shoes by herself!
  • Likes to be outside.  She got a playset for her birthday, and loves to swing & slide!!