Monday, March 12, 2012

Bryn update - 28 weeks!

I am 28 weeks along now and almost two weeks into my 3rd trimester!  At my next appointment (32 weeks), Dr. Seale will set my C-Section date!!!  I can't wait to know exactly when we will get to meet little Bryn!   So far, this pregnancy is going great!  I am feeling good, and am not too uncomfortable (except for putting on my shoes and rolling over in bed).   I haven't been doing the elliptical as much as I think I should be, but just keeping the house picked up and playing with Hollyn keeps me very busy!  It has been a pattern the last few days.... I get very tired around 4:00 and need a nap!  Of course, I feel like I never have anything to wear, and all shoes are hurting my feet right now. :) Bryn is a VERY active little girl, and I feel her moving around in my tummy most of the day! 

I had my 27/28 week appointment last Thursday:

  • My tummy was measuring right at 27 weeks
  • Bryn's heartbeat was in the 140's  (so much lower than Hollyn's was)
  • Blood pressure was normal 120/70
  • Weight gain: 21 lbs

At the Fashion Show on Saturday, Babyface & More 3D/4D ultrasounds was set up & we were able to get a free 4D peak at baby Bryn!!!  At first, her face was at the very top of my stomach, pressed up against my uterus (probably hiding from the VERY LOUD music).  After a few tries and pushing on her, we got her to move around, but her hands were up over her face!   Here's the one good shot we got!  

She is already looking and acting just like her big sister!!!

Here's her nursery!!  We just painted the walls, but are still waiting for the armoire to come in and need to find stuff to hang on the walls!   Looking for a nice mirror to go over her changing table/dresser.

I feel like I'm way behind on blogging!  I promise an update on my big TWO YEAR OLD soon!!!  I also will post pictures of her awesome birthday party as soon as I get them back from the photographer!