Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best Day Ever

We've had an awesome Saturday!   We all got up early and hung out around the house for  a few hours.  I had planned on cooking a big breakfast, but I am kind of obsessed with our new Body by Vi shakes that we just got last week, so we just made them instead!  (You should check out their website, if you haven't hear of them!  Great for losing weight, or just a great nutrition packed meal!)  We watched part of Teen Wolf and Hollyn had a blast dancing to the music!  Check out a part of the video I got of her!

After we took our showers & got ready, we headed down to Fayetteville, for the Northwest Arkansas Kids Fashion Show!  Hollyn was asked to model for 3 Monkeys!  We got there two hours early, so Hollyn could get dressed & ready!  She wore a Hello Kitty bathing suit!  

Brittney took a family picture for us!
The owner of 3 Monkeys suggested that one of us walk with her if she wouldn't go by herself!!  We decided Daddy would do this!  (for which he gets major brownie points)  We could hear the music from upstairs, and Hollyn had a blast dancing for like two hours straight!!!  (Which of course made her tired right before the show!)
Lined up in the hall, ready to go upstairs!
Bella Jack's models went at 12:00, so I was able to go up and watch Grahm Skelton on the runway!  He had a Chic model carry him!

At 1:00, they were ready for 3 Monkeys!  Second down on the runway was Hollyn & her Daddy!!!

They did such an awesome job!!!!  It brought tears to my eyes, seeing them on stage!  I was a very proud mommy/wife!!  They then went to the back until the end and did a final walk down the runway with all the models!

Babyface & More 3D/4D ultrasounds was set up at the Fashion Show & we were able to get a free peak at baby Bryn!!!  At first, her face was at the very top of my stomach, pressed up against my uterus.  After a few tries and pushing on her, we got her to move around, but her hands were up over her face!   Here's the one good shot we got! 

It was 2:00 before we got finished and were starving, so we had lunch at Mr. Burger!! 
 Hollyn loves her ketchup!!
Hollyn fell asleep almost immediately in the car after we ate lunch!  I love watching my precious little girl sleep!

We put Hollyn's potty chair in the living room this week and she's been awesome at letting us know when she needs to go!!!  Very excited to get this potty training thing started! : )

Daddy then wanted to go hit some golf balls since the weather was so great!  The three of us loaded up in the golf cart and went to the range!  Daddy got Hollyn her very first set of real golf clubs earlier this week, so she was able to try them out!  Mommy helped her hit some balls (but is not pictured :)

She found some sand and happily played in it against Mommy's will for a few minutes!

On the putting green

Helping Daddy chip!

Mommy & Hollyn's bags on the cart!

Hollyn trying to drive

Now, we are having a relaxing night at home!  Planning on renting a movie on Apple TV after Hollyn goes to bed!! : ) 
Thanks for "Keeping Up" with us! : ) XO