Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We woke up on February 13th to SNOW!  Hollyn was a little confused what all the white stuff was outside and had to look at it from every window! 

 Clifford even had to help her look once!!!

Later that morning, we made Valentine's cards and played with stamps!

Here's the Valentine Hollyn made for her Daddy!

 Then the doorbell rang with sweet flowers from Hubby!

Chris picked us up that afternoon, we dropped Hollyn off at my parents to hang out for a while, so we could go on our Valentine's Date!!  First, we went and saw the movie The Vow.  Great movie, but sad for an emotional preggo!  We had some time before our dinner reservation at James at the Mill, so we went birthday shopping for Hollyn at Toys R Us.   The food at dinner was great, but we had horrible service this time!!  We were able to pick up Hollyn and be home by 8:00!  It was nice to end our night in our pj's watching tv in bed!!
Chris's entree

My yummy entree...  Homemade potato gnocchi with English Peas, pearl onions,  proscuitto, roast garlic cream and crusted chicken breast!  My favorite!!!
Valentine's Day morning, Hollyn & I went on a breakfast date to ChickfilA!  

She saw some kids playing when we went to sit down and then wasn't very happy about eating her breakfast... also not happy about taking a picture with Mommy! 

I finally gave in, and let her play too after we ate.   She went right up to the top, but then was hesitant about going down the slide.  I had to crawl up to see what was going on and this is what I found.....

Hanging out with the boys at the top.... having a little date of her own with two sweet older boys! She had a blast crawling up and going down the slide about 10 times!!!   

Then we stopped by to see our friends at Portfolio.  Here's Hollyn eating smarties in LaDonna's office! 

Then eating the cupcake that Lauren & Kristen gave her!

We went grocery shopping after that, and I think it was too near her nap time, so someone had some very bad behavior!

After work, Lee came over and gave Hollyn lots of Valentine's presents!  She was very excited, as always!

Valentine's Day love for Mommy!
 I know I already got flowers the day before.... but I might have mentioned to Chris that it might be nice sometime to not have to arrange my flowers myself.... :)  So I got another arrangement!!!!
My friend Amanda just started working at Northwest Arkansas Florist & put this together!!!  Isn't it beautiful?!

Smelling Mommy's flowers :)

For dinner, we made Baked Shells with Sausage and Spinach... but we used ground Turkey instead of sausage!  It was yummy, and even Hollyn ate it!

We were glad we went out and celebrated the night before, since we had so much to catch up around the house after we put Hollyn to bed! 

Such a fun holiday with my sweet family that I love SO much!  Valentine's Day is always special to us, since it's the day Chris & I started dating NINE years ago!  Time definitely flies when you're having fun!!!