Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's a...

We had our first ultrasound on Tuesday - January 10th.  Chris, Hollyn, my mom, dad, sister & I all went to see our sweet baby.  I was totally expecting to see a boy since this pregnancy feels totally different than with Hollyn.  I have been a lot more sick, and this baby's heart beat is so much lower (145 bpm) than Hollyn's always was (160 bpm).  I immediately started uncontrollably laughing/crying after the ultrasound tech said it was definitely a girl.  I wasn't prepared to hear that AT ALL.  She was so cute on the ultrasound though.  Her head looks a lot like Hollyn's did.  She had her hand up by her head the entire time, wiggling her little fingers.  Her ankles were crossed and she had the hiccups!!!  So crazy that we could see them, but I could not feel them.   She was 10 oz, and I'm guessing around 6 inches.   We got a DVD of the entire ultrasound.  It's so neat to rewatch!   I'm trying to figure out a way to upload the video, but not having any luck so far. 
She was measuring 19 weeks, 2 days, so they moved my due date to June 3rd - Chris & I's 6th Anniversary!!!  Dr. Seale said that she would do my c-section a week before, but would set the date when I'm around 32 weeks!  We are looking at around May 27th. 

We do not have a name for our baby girl yet!!!  We have a few that we like, but we are still brainstorming!   We only had a boy name picked out! LOL 

Here are some ultrasound pictures: