Friday, December 23, 2011

Our visit with Santa

Wednesday afternoon, Chris, his dad & I took Hollyn up to the Promenade food court to see Santa!  We got there at the perfect time b/c there was NO LINE! We had tried to go a couple other times, but the line was VERY long. We knew Hollyn would get restless if we had to wait for a while.  She had just woken up for her nap, eaten lunch and was in a great mood, so I thought she might like sitting on Santa's lap.  When we walked in the Santa area, she was already clinging to her Daddy.   I had my camera and was told I could only take pictures from out side the blocked off area.  So Daddy put her in his lap and left her there, while Mommy was snapping pictures and not saving her!! 

I'm sure my child is traumatized now!

Then we even tried with Mommy sitting beside, and it didn't help any!  We figured a picture screaming would be just fine! :) 

We took a couple pictures by the angel tree in the food court afterwards.

Here's the finished product!!